The Banned Episode of the Boondocks

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This episode was banned because it was critical of BET and current CEO Debra Lee; they threatened to sue if it was aired.  If you are a Fan of the Boondocks and/or critical of BET you will enjoy.  BET fans might not get the message…Link below

Banned Boondocks Episode (Megavideo)


Obama calls Kanye a Jackass, and Kanye responds

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“When Obama called me “jackass”, after the Taylor incident, I thought that the person to be speaking off the record. Obama has way more important stuff to worry about than my public perception. He was trying to pass the healthcare bill. And if he said that to relate to the room or lighten the room up and the whole mood, then I’d be more than happy to be the butt of all of his jokes if it in the some way helps his overall mission. I’m a soldier of culture. I’m resilient. I’m sure I’ll still beat him in basketball.”

I doubt Kanye can ball better than Obeezy

Nicki Minaj on Her Sexuality, Drake, and other random stuff

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Recent Complex Magazine Interview with Miss Minaj, Link to the full interview below

You’re gonna have Drake and Wayne fighting over you.

Nicki Minaj: You have no idea show much I love them. We joke around. That’s the thing about Young Money, we will say a lot of crazy shit in the press but we will get around each other and start cracking up laughing like brothers and sisters. Drake is a playboy. He probably told mad bitches he wrote them songs for ’em.

Do the guys in Young Money ask you for dating advice?

Nicki Minaj: They always ask me to hook them up with something!

Drake asks you to hook him up with chicks?

Nicki Minaj: Well, no, Drake knows better. [Laughs.] Drake tries to be the suave dude and not seem pressed, but Wayne will straight-up ask: “Nick, you got something for me?”

Complex Magazine: Making Minaj

Bill Cosby and Sandman Simms Challange!!

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My favorite scene from the Cosby show

Lil Wayne gets special treatment in Jail

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Reported by the The Village Voice

Looks like hip-hop star Lil Wayne is even more of a VIP at the Riker’s Island jail complex than we previously knew. Department of Corrections officials appear to be bending backwards for him, sources tell the Voice.

We’re told that when guests visit Lil Wayne — whose real name is Dwayne Carter — they bypass the general visiting room where other inmates’ visitors wait. Wayne’s visitors are picked up by an official in a separate car, who drives them to the Eric M. Taylor Center, where he is serving an eight-month jail term in New York after admitting in October 2009 to having a loaded, .40-caliber semiautomatic weapon on his tour bus. Lil Wayne’s guests are driven back after the visit is up — which is usually longer than the one hour allowed for other inmates’ visitors.

Jail staffers also bring food from the nearby Jackson Hole restaurant and local pizzeria, says our source. They are also said to tip him off so he knows when he is going to be searched.

Lil Wayne is causing a big stir at Rikers — even more than typical celebrity inmates, sources say. Last week, a female Department of Corrections captain allegedly barricaded herself in a locker room, demanding to see the hip-hop artist. In May, he was busted for having headphones a charger and a watch that doubles as an MP3 player in his jail cell.

Corrections spokesman Stephen Morello says that Lil Wayne has not been found with any more contraband since the May incident, and that he has no comment about an investigation into preferential treatment and favors for Lil Wayne.

In other news, catch the show tomorrow night at midnight on krui 89.7

Riley Freeman as Tony Montana

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This literally brought me to tears

Do The Church Dance (Video)

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Watch out stanky leg.  Do the Church dance!  Hit That Church Fan and Do the Deacon Slide!