So what had happened was…

If you happened to tune into my last show (Oct 12) between 12:35ish and 1:10ish you might have noticed something interesting…..NOTHING! In an extreme showcase of my supernatural abilities, I somehow managed to lock the studio door on my way to the bathroom. After coming back with an empty bladder and high spirits, I realized the door was locked, and I had about 2 minutes before my music stopped playing. Those were the two scariest minutes of my life, and I panacked untill I got ahold of the programming director who heroicly led me to the secret key. For my next show I will be sporting depends (the adult diapers). You can check them out here No more bathroom breaks for me! I’m not going to bother putting up the playlist from the last show because it was completly incomplete, but I would like to thank those who have been listening. Also please check out DJ Paimons for more dope content by me, and everybody else working on that project over yonder. Until Next Monday, Peace!


~ by rthoas on October 15, 2009.

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