Monday November 9th (Tear down that wall!)

20 years ago today the Berlin Wall was torn down. I read that in the news paper. In other news, here is the play list from last night

Pillow Talk Kid Cudi
Afro Erykah Badu
Marvin Gay Remix Salaam Remi
I Used To Love HER Common
The Love Song Mos Def
Various Artists Kevin Casey
Just Servin Justice Poor Righteous Teachers
Live From New York-See Below

  • Hand it Down-Memphis Bleek
  • We Gonna Make it- Jadakiss ft. Styles P
  • Blackout-Jadakiss
  • Queens-Noreaga
  • How Ya Livin-AZ ft. Nas
  • Feelin it-Jay-Z
  • Get Away-Mobb Deep
  • Niggas Bleed-Notorious B.I.G.
Heaven Nas
Treat Her Right Melo X
Just Me Melo X
KOS Black Star
Rather Be With You Wale
Behind Enemy Lines Dead Prez
Gorilla Lupe Fiasco
DC Gorillaz Wale
Heard Em Say Kanye West
Jackson 5 I’ll Be There Salaam Remi Remix Salaam Remi

All of the songs played in the Live From New York section come from a mixtape with the same title by Kevin Casey. The Mixtape Features New York Artists from 1994-2001, and is one of the Best mixtapes released this year.


~ by rthoas on November 10, 2009.

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