The Block Party: Millz interview, and dance marathon performance video.

Last night was a wild night on the Block Party. We had a full studio, great set, and I was lucky enough to get a live interview with Millz and Jbiz. The two performed for the Dance Marathon last night, and they were able to sneak away from the stage to give me an exclusive.

After the show they stepped down 2 floors beneath us and tore up the stage for charity, and did so in true Hip Hop fashion. We had a little trouble getting past the security, but after finally convincing them we were with the radio, and not drunk we got backstage for the end of their set.  It was extremely entertaining, and they had the crowd pumped.  Some videos are below, and there will be more to come from Millz in the Block Party’s immediate future.  Shout to krui 89.7, dance marathon, the children’s hospital, Millz, and Jbiz.


~ by rthoas on February 7, 2010.

One Response to “The Block Party: Millz interview, and dance marathon performance video.”

  1. […] and The Winner Remix (ft JBizz) I told you that there would be more from Millz after  the dance marathon  interview…here it is.  If you haven’t heard, his flow is nasty, and you already know where the […]

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