50 Cent Facing Lawsuit Due To Rick Ross-Related Sex Tape Leak

All I can say is what the fu*k, 50??  We will be talking about this, and other things on the show tonight.

When rapper 50 Cent waged war against fellow rapper Rick Ross in early 2009 he tried a number of different tactics to win the feud, but it looks like he may be sued over one of them.

At one point during the rapper’s feud 50 Cent leaked a video of Rick Ross’ baby mother, Lastonia Leviston, in a sex tape. The video was then edited to include commentary by 50 Cent’s Pimpin’ Curly persona.

AllHipHop.com reports that Leviston is now suing 50 Cent for his use of the tape. Leviston claims she suffered “emotional distress” as a result of the video being leaked and that 50 Cent didn’t receive the proper permission to use the tape.

Leviston began her lawsuit this week by filing a complaint in a Manhattan court yesterday (February 24). It is unclear how much Leviston is asking for in her lawsuit.

Although Leviston is currently going through the process of filing a lawsuit, Rick Ross’ other baby mother Tia Kemp seemed to benefit greatly from Ross’ feud with 50 Cent.

During the feud last year Kemp was treated to a shopping spree courtesy of 50 Cent, released a tell-all book, and was even featured on the cover of Smooth Magazine.

-Danielle Harling


~ by rthoas on February 26, 2010.

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