Show Playlist (April 3rd)

In Honor of Public Enemy coming to town, (and me meeting Chuck D) I began and finished the show with the group.

Public Enemy- Don’t Believe The Hype

Asheru- Soul

Jeff Cherry- Silly

Lupe Fiasco-I’m Beaming

Neak- City of Wind

Capital D- Start the Revolution


Mos Def-Love

FKI-That’ll Work

Proverb- Ugly Girl

Abu Nurah- La Noticia

Treazon-Parallel Universe

Rakim-Know The Ledge

Melo X-Boom Clap

Pete Rock & CL Smooth-On and On

Theo- I Dream

Talib Kweli- Bushonomics

Maxwell-Bad Habits 

Hollyweerd- Weerdo

The Black Sun- Sacred Lessons

Lil Brother-Grown Man

Neeka- The Uncomfortable Truth

FKI- 8.0.8.

J. Cole- Grown Simba

Lupe Fiasco-What It Do

Nas-You’re the Man

Fuz the Mc- Hello

PHZ-Siks- The Love Scene

XV- Final Fantasy XV

8thW1-Heart Beat

J. Cole- World Is Empty

Nas- War

Bilal-Gotsta be Cool

Public Enem- Rebel Without a Pause


~ by rthoas on April 7, 2010.

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