Zeaphy- Block Party Exclusive

Zeaphy was in the studio a few weeks ago for an interview, and a few days later I found this in my email box; check out the song and the playlist from tonight

Call Me The Kid- Zeaphy
Nah Mean-Nas Damien Marley
Louis Squares- Marky
Dear Sky-Neak
I’m Beaming –Lupe Fiasco
Dreams-J Cole
She –Domonique Larue
Get Down-Nas
Down and Out-Kid Cudi
Stop-Mike Page
Grown Man-Little Brother ft Talib Kweli
Tite Rope-The Black Sun

The Blast-Talib Kweli

Its the Life- Jeff Cherry
hello- Fuz the Mc
Weerdo- Hollyweerd
Victory- Jay Electronica
The Cusp- GOD Jewels
Concierge Service- Kida
Ugly Girl-Proverb
For Pete’s Sake-Pete Rock and CL Smooth
The Perfect Plan-Wale
Parallel Universe-Treazon
Letter to A Mans broken Heart-Q


~ by rthoas on June 12, 2010.

One Response to “Zeaphy- Block Party Exclusive”

  1. That Zeaphy exclusive…get em.

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