Nicki Minaj on Her Sexuality, Drake, and other random stuff

Recent Complex Magazine Interview with Miss Minaj, Link to the full interview below

You’re gonna have Drake and Wayne fighting over you.

Nicki Minaj: You have no idea show much I love them. We joke around. That’s the thing about Young Money, we will say a lot of crazy shit in the press but we will get around each other and start cracking up laughing like brothers and sisters. Drake is a playboy. He probably told mad bitches he wrote them songs for ’em.

Do the guys in Young Money ask you for dating advice?

Nicki Minaj: They always ask me to hook them up with something!

Drake asks you to hook him up with chicks?

Nicki Minaj: Well, no, Drake knows better. [Laughs.] Drake tries to be the suave dude and not seem pressed, but Wayne will straight-up ask: “Nick, you got something for me?”

Complex Magazine: Making Minaj


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